Should I tell my best friend that I love him?

2021-07-28 16:01:52 WINIFRED

I (W / 16) I have been in love with my best friend (m / 16) for several months. But I do not know if I should tell him.

We have already known us for more than five years and he is always there for me if I need him. Somehow I feel that he also feels more for me than just friendship, but since he is very shy, I know he would never make the first step.

Our friends have also been saying that for years We would be the perfect couple. If you look like, we seem to look like a couple as like friends.

Now my question is, if I dare to make it the first step. Somehow I want it. I do not want to destroy our friendship. But I would pretty regret itHe loves me as well as I do not come together and we did not meet because we did not dare to confess our feelings.


Cart, do not despatch. At least if you at least thread it, you will not regret it in a few years, never took the chance :)


You have already recognized the essential problems.

It can not tell you a beautiful relationship. To say it could destroy a friendship.

There is always a risk, a risk that you have to weigh for you.

Maybe the song helps "Do not ever Let It End" by nickelback. My favorite in such constellations, which can sometimes help. I know people who have decided with the help of the song.


Speech not of love, but that you have feelings for him or in love


Just do it. What should happen? Nobody leaves you. In addition, all people is hopeful that no one can do something for it. Testing is above studying. If you are sincerely and nice person and totally lovely tell him how happy you will tell him he will explain to you and tell you that he is in love with you. If not he will not lose you you, let him say that and do not make such a huge head

Good luck;)

Should I tell my best friend that I love him?