Ex does not clear crash on separation?

2021-07-28 16:02:22 JULIUS

Hello, I was separated from my friend 18 some time ago. In retrospect, that was just better that I'll finish, as we are just too different, e.g. He wants to become a footballer and does not drink alcohol, etc, while I often drink or smoke. That's why we have often argued. For him, that's just pretty hard, as he seems really love me, since he has remained with me despite everything, although I had gone to Drunk foreign or his parents have seen me only bad handling. My ex was really after I had separated from him. He still looks at my stories although he does not follow me on Insta.

Apparently he had often been drinking lately and has begun to smoke. A girlfriendFrom him I knew that he said that he does that to please me and that he is real because of the separation. She also meant that I had broken him "broken and broken his heart." He is sorry for me now, and I'm really worried about him.

Do you think that's really my fault? And how can I help him do not crash?



is not completely understanding why you are now so caring. When you have been a few, it would have been quite right if he had smoked and hurt.

Whether he actually makes this and whether it is because of you, there are only guesses of a girlfriend. And even if it was, then it's his decision.

Where I almost can not imagine that a person who thinks about his future has a goal, nothing of drinking and smoking holds - Suddenly so converted to please his ex girlfriend. Seems something far from me.

Just leave him alone. He lives his life and you of his. Now push into his life again, would probably be clear why.

Now to worry about something that should be sympathetic, does not really fit.

It could not be more likely to fit you to you and you would like to contact you again to see if he Now like you.

Do not take me sick, but it's sad enough anyway, a couple separates because it's about drinking and smoking. Who this is more important than the partner, since hats are not voted from the outset.

Many greetings!


You help him most by touching the contact with him He realize that he no longer has a chance with you. Otherwise he always makes hopes and tries to change for you.

Over time he will come across you.


NEIN course, it is not your fault, because I look at smoke and Sauce also with Grade Ma 16, but that's something else again. I had myself at the beginning of this year, separated from my girlfriend because she stopped absolutely not sure that I smoke and drink. So let him and all who want to persuade you a bad conscience because of this separation, just alone because if you always have to listen to you something, because of you are to blame, because of you, he crashes and so, it is always better from the Hold people distance.


Hello Nelly

It does not matter. You have to let him go. It is neither your fault nor his fault that everything happened. He will come over it. At some point he will realize that it is pretty muchCanless and he only hurts himself. You should cancel the contact and continue your life quite normal. Just because you have pity, it does not mean that you should love to get in touch with him.




Your fits Currently not from the character, or should you give him courage again for his football career, I think he is very sensible if he is pursuing his dreams so disciplined and he needs a partner who supports him and he should find him. What I do not quite understand, if you walk and smoke, he does not have to do that for a long time to separate it is extremely immature and that he is now also going to be immature after being separated. In A few years you will be both adults and maybe rate it differently, so I would advise you not to disconnect in evil

Ex does not clear crash on separation?