Wear suit at the end of the end?

2021-07-28 17:00:53 ANITA

Yesterday I bought a nice suit yesterday, but have learned today that several of my class come in normal casual clothes and I do not want to worky or so.

So with graduation ceremony I mean testimony and so.

What have you attracted to yours?

Something well-maintained, but not quite "chic" choose 35%

I have a chic suit or dress carried choose 24%

Other Answer Choose 24%

Have Normal Clothes Worn Choose 18%


Normally finer clothing is already one of such a celebration - i. At least no blue jeans and no sneakers. Although some usually also very relaxed-casual and almost unkempt (partly the parents; I have had to do these events professionally conditionally about me for a few years and was always reasonably horrified ^^), but you should not Irritize. You have this suit, he likes you and you bought him for this occasion - so wear him. Only because the others do not share this "style" or do not wear themselves accordingly, you do not have to draw the same. A well-kept suit is never "spitig", unless he is beige-brown or so -----> and even if others keep your outfit boring,Then it's just like that .. Everyone has his opinion & you do not have to find well, what to wear.

I worn in 2007 at the middle mature a shirt, a black pants and beautiful leather shoes as well as a jacket, like most at that time. At the closing ceremony of the vocational school, I wore a dark blue-patterned tie to a white shirt and dark blue suit, but that was also in the solemn setting with mayor, district council, IHK president and all sorts of celebrities, I believe it was even the Bundestag deputy.


I had worn normal clothes at that time, as I am convinced you should wear what you feel comfortable and I like suit etc. so absolutely not


I still have my degreenot behind me, but in your place, I would just wear a suit pants or a jeans and a shirt.

That's the same between casual and chic, I would say.


.... bought a pretty suit,

A suit can not be pretty, which is always spiesgig.


I have a casual jeans and stop worn white shirt, soonst rather normal

Wear suit at the end of the end?