Am I too hard to myself?

2021-07-28 17:01:30 JEFF

I am now 20 years old and actually everything has run very ok in my life. Have my qualified subsidy with 2.4 and I'm actually a very correct guy I would say.

Nevertheless, I have always to be a failure and have not achieved anything. Even if others tell me that I can be proud of me, I can not just do it.

I often underestimate me, which should actually lead over time that I realize that I may not be that bad. But no that does not happen that the negative thoughts stay. And these negative thoughts also influence me considerably in my social life.

You can say quasi that I have no social life at all. I haveThere are no friends and social contacts. The reason for this is probably that I deliberately avoid these.

Meanwhile, I'm really helpless.

Thank you in advance!


You are not obliged to be proud of you. If you are satisfied with yourself, that's O.K. And you are yes, since you recognize your good diploma yes. No, you're not "too hard" to yourself. You just do not narcise and probably a modest person. What a beautiful trait that you should maintain. It would be important, however, that you also learn to stand for your needs. Who is to be modest, often gives themselves with less than for him or neglected their own wishes and goals. You do not have to put you over others, but simply learn to articulate your wishes and needs.


Give you a time a break, you have the expert accounting, was BestImmittal not easy. And now you have time to re-classify you again, not to have friends is not bad, you can always find which you are bad that you make you unnecessary thoughts, just be you, you are looking for a hobby a job where you are good, It can be anything, something where you get a good mood, maybe swim or sail or cycling or running or climbing, something where you are good and see you in it, and replace your bad thoughts through good thoughts like great you are and how good You are and first is a good friend, if you like to have you, you will find good friends who also like to see you when you should not report. I hope I could help you.


Maybe your negative attitude to you has something to do with your childhood. If your parents were always very strict, but have demanded much of you, but have rarely praised you, then that could have led that you are always dissatisfied with you.

Simply habit you to hear in such a case more on your environment than your inner voice. If others tell you that you can be proud of you, then think so. Do not worry about yourself by putting too high demands on you.


Sounds something to depression. I think well where you are standing for your age. Can be proud of it. There is still a lot, believe me you are still not big a lot of new people you willAlso get to know each other. Vllt you come with them better. Look around. I bet so bad did not hit you in life. Be grateful for it


That has probably in-depth causes and trigger in your past. but since nobody knows your story or know what that can have triggered in you that you feel so and do not think about it, no matter how well you hit yourself and what you reach everything, you can answer that no one can answer you here .. that you should have to answer find out for you or with the help of someone who knows your story and / or professional specialist staff

Am I too hard to myself?