Is my father in me in love with me?

2021-07-28 17:02:54 LAURENCE

I realized that my father has been talking differently since the puberty Iwie ...

I know that the sex life between my parents is very bad or inexistent. He always looks so strange (looks in the neckline), makes me compliments often, always says, "If I would be a boy in your age, I would throw an eye on you," and summarizes me, apparently unintentionally, casually Unpleasant body parts.

What should I do ?? Do I react? Do I interpret too much?


You do not respond.

But you should realize that such behavior has nothing to do with lack of sexual activity or love. It's about power. He feels like to treat you in the right.

You should talk to your mother's behavior of your father and that you feel uncomfortable.


I think he's proud of you. As soon as he touches you with purpose, you have to make a clear announcement. If he does not think about it, is also your mother to inform.


You should not touch him if he is unintentionally touched on certain parts of the body, do not say that.

Try to go out of the way.

LoosBT I do not think so, but he probably finds you attractive.


It is not unusual that fathers fall in love with their daughters. Just as vice versa. So it can be.

When he touches you inappropriate places and that is uncomfortable, tell him the clip and clear.


Of course that's not like that Great first wait if it's worse to talk to your mother

Is my father in me in love with me?