How do you find the athlete protest against sexist clothing?

2021-07-28 18:00:29 RODOLFO

German gymnasts protest with their sportswear at the Olympic Games against Sexist Clothing in Sports: Women have as scarce clothes (which is partially prescribed), men, however. The pants for women are often much scarce cut, belly-free jerseys are usually common in women. Now German gymnasts of protest carry full-body sanctuaries and Norwegian beach handball players a bit longer pants than prescribed (and were even punished!).

I can understand these athletes well and find the protest comprehensible against sexist sportswear (s rules). What do you think about it?


entitled, because sports is not a fashion show, and her tightening order was perfectly fine. One should let the committee be the church in the village, because nothing buthäme came out.


I think it's good. This regulation was introduced at that time because they had no viewers and thus gained more hospitality. Sadly, this would be a violent blow for women's sports and revenue will be lower. But I think that's important and one should still struggle


absolutely correct.

that there must be a certain dress code for every sport, is out of question .

The clothing should also be appropriate to the script and so designed that youNot only is visually appealing and expedient (especially in gymnasts, attitude and tension occur, which can be better in a narrow outfit and thus can be rated correctly).

Convenient sportswear also means that The athletes and athletes can take their performance safely. Be it in the accident protection but also that it is sitting without adhesive and auxiliaries and ensures that the spagat is not also the whole pem range is exposed.

Whether now with a full body suit or panty.

The same applies to BeachVolleyball.

Professional port is neither meat watching nor a fashion show.


I find good if there are any regulations that do not make sense.

importantis that you can move in the clothes injury-free. Everything else is insignificant.

Straight gymnasts are likely to dress more attractive (must), for fear of poor events


There is a difference whether a clothing is prescribed or not. If only in the bikini panties with a maximum size may be played so something abolished.

carries a runner voluntarily belly-free there is her thing.

The sport must only be made safe and injury-free.

How do you find the athlete protest against sexist clothing?