Are my dimensions okay?

2021-07-28 18:01:12 FREDDIE

Do you think my dimensions are okay? I feel very uncomfortable and would like to be thin ...

Age: 17, size: 165cm, weight: 40kg, wrist: 12cm, upper arm: 20cm, hip 75cm, waist: 57cm, top: 78cm, neck : 26cm


No Your dimensions are not okay You are underweight and not just scarce.

You have to eat more and increase.

If you still close Feel thick, so please go to the doctor and talk to that about it.

You show clear signs of anorexia!


Sorry if I say that directly, but Sounds great for anorexia. Every normal man would see and know that both weight and the dimensions are absolute disasters. Please get help from outside, you're coming slowly in critical areas, you can quite die of anorexia and such an extreme underweight


Hey, you write that you would like to be thin, for me Klongst Du To be honest like a thin, slim sporty girl! Do not worry, thin are you definitely! The only thing you should pay attention is that you are not too thin.


Age what are all that you have measured, you wanted to calculate your volume. I think you could still have something greeting the 40kg I think I'm a little bit ... Sorry that I say that now but that sounds a bit after well "anorexia", because you say you feel uncomfortable and would like to be thin. You are more than thin even underweight. So soon fast food and so eat that you have a few more kg and then you're still thin! I wish you success!


You have strong underweightT. It would be best if you contact a psychotherapist and talk about it, because that sounds very like anorexia ...

Are my dimensions okay?