Learning to be happy alone?

2021-07-28 21:00:49 TONYA

How can I stop feeling lonely if I'm alone?

I am relatively extroverted and actually have many contacts / friends, but my problem is that I'm totally funny and lonely if it is Let's say that no time has time and I have to deal with myself

I just can not spend somehow happy for a long time and do not know what to do about it.
It is important to help me find a solution quickly because I will soon change and change from the school change and not really people

Thank you for any help ^^


Life alone is the most popular living form in Germany with a distance (43%, approximately, tendency) , then two-person households and last families / shared flat.

I'm going on that the ubiquitous trouser diverter deflects that alone is actually a lonely thing and, in the rest, also expensive


Sports, shopping, beauty like facial masks. The most important thing for you is with you yourself ...

Do something good for yourself. And build self-confidence.


How about a hamster. Cost with set about 100 € who I'm right in memory.

Actually, a dog would be ideal. But that probably does not come to yourIn favor.


Will your best friend / best friend.

Buy the book "Marry yourself" by Veit Lindau. There are quite a lot of exercises and suggestions in it, as you learn the time with yourself to enjoy properly.


Listen to music and play PC so do it. ^^ my half life on the internet.

Learning to be happy alone?