How was your first time?

2021-07-28 22:00:53 AUBREY

I had M14 today my first time, I found it so horny.


Hello LKJ04,

Me remember the moment so in about - and it was just that my then partner and I lay together as usual in bed.

Then it was suddenly hot and hotter - and we had dared with that moment.

However, I was very unsettled and had only asked, "Do we have now ..."?

May be funny today - but somehow understandable. Every next time it was not so unsettling, but always getting hot in any way. Of course, that was all very new at that time - and what new is also his charm.

A small equally funny example I still like to start from my circle of acquaintances. There was a very good friend of me a new friend and partnerThe sexuality was more likely to be less tilted, "professionally" seduced. She had then reported on how he had asked, "What has been there? What happened now?" We had laughed - and certainly everything had become quite clearer then.

Interesting only that she had contributed this story, just before my then partner and I had the "first time".

On the occasion: always be "the first time" such an event. Love is timeless - and so every time you may be a first time - and every time somehow always especially.

With many love greetings


a Wednesday of twenty three? The times have changed. In the past one was about this time either at school oron the field. ;)


The first time was not the highlight, after 3 months exercise it was great.


How was your first time?