Would you choose Angela Merkel again if she would have started as Federal Chance

2021-07-29 01:03:45 NORMAN

After all, she leaves us the Coronapandemie and a mountain of debts because of Corona.

No Choose 46%

Yes Choose 43%

other opinion Choose 11%


A Chancellor / Chancellor can not choose directly, but only your / its party.

For clarification:

It is not the polluter of the virus But as Chancellor, among others, also has to worry about the health of the population.

Additional costs due to the pandemic are created in almost all countries, eg for vaccines, hospitals, payments to companies to get jobs and much more.


No, not because I have not chosen them yet, so I can not choose them again. To lose the coronapandemic, but would lead something too far, or do you think she has developed the virus in secret laboratories?


No. Become too old for this JWhether. In addition, she has health problems and not since today.

But otherwise it has remained the longest. That's a fact. Respect.


Better than any other candidate if I can judge that even if she did not do everything right.


Definitely No! You have recognized something, which many still do not want to recognize. Merkel may not be directly blaming at the pandemic, but it carries out a significant complication.

Here, others, Merkel's pages, but also the EU overall, to which Merkel has quite influence, the following is drawn up:

  1. as the end of 2019 became known that in China, an extremely dangerous and highly contagious virus grass and in HoChempo spread, still no entry and exit bans were made by and to China as well as the other countries concerned in this area;
  2. as the end of 2020 became known that one by 70% infectious mutation called B.1.1.7 in Britain was well known, nothing was done again by the EU, so that this mutation could spread across the EU;
  3. The absolutely clear mistake: in May / June, there was finally progress in the pandemic, the case figures went back except in the United Kingdom, which was again due to the now extremely dangerous corona delta variant to the virus variant area. Great Britain was already at the arrival area. Nevertheless, here was approved by the EU, that the European Championship was allowed to take place, etc. in the UK and ZwaR with spectators. It was able to travel unhindered to Great Britain and arrivals from Great Britain could take place freely. We see the result now: again extremely high fall numbers in Germany, panic again have to have in front of other people because they can be virus carriers and a new lockdown is also to fear again and that all because of this negligence. Well, here, of course, the EU policy has the most guilt and not Merkel alone, but Merkel has at least a partial debt through its influence.

Greeting Nicofffan

Would you choose Angela Merkel again if she would have started as Federal Chancellor's Canditate for the Bundestage election 2021 again?