Conversation topics?

2021-07-29 01:05:36 JANE


I need conversation topics. I want to establish contact with a girl That's why I need the topics. So for the beginning and so that it is not constitutional law.

Please only serious answers

Thank you in advance


I'll give you WINEN Tip: Listen to more than tell yourself, and the topics are as good as alone! Who listens well that finds a lot :)



You can talk to her about your hobbies and interests and start it with your contact Just want to ask so basic things, how did you siblings or have you a best friend, what do you want to work / or she works already dan what are you working and yes. Who does not help you any further I am also often in such situations but you can always find something about what you can talk about and you come to any conversation over time.


Hobby, Famre , Work / School, Future

Conversation topics?