Circle of friends breaks in old age?

2021-07-29 01:07:20 WENDY

I'm just over 30 and I feel that my circle of friends breaks up because the interests simply drift completely. We, so my 3 best friends, know each other since the school, so loose 15 years and have experienced so much shit and done together.
Then I started studying that's not. I have been a Freinkin for many years, not. I now have a child who of course does not. Then our hobbies have no longer overlaps and meanwhile we argue because of a wide variety of worldviews. We simply carry completely different life. You do not understand that I can not go over the weekend with those of those somewhere in another city, what I did not like anyway.
I find somehowExtremely pity, is that normal?!


You can search the separating or connecting.

I had a friend for 20 years a friend who has led a completely opposing life of mine.

The Breaking came to broken with her mother while I had contacted my mother again and again. Both mothers were probably very similar.

Tolerance was no longer enough.

However, life has long served me a comparable situation :) Nicholas

Of course it is not always the case one lives apart so much. But something like that happens ... You can not do much. Do not study and no family does not mean that you have to live like the last penner XD but if you do not continue in the mind evenIrkeln and simply no similarities More exist well .... then there is not much what the friendship is holding together.

I have no friends from my school time. Only from my training time has remained a good friend ... Otherwise, it's new contacts :) Brandi

You are not alone. In a relationship, and then with a child, a clear priority is different. I experienced that many years ago. If your colleagues do not understand I would move back in time. Delores

Logical is normal!

Personally, I'm not a supporter of these long-lasting men's friends who exist since the youth. Everyone always falls In Your late pubertal development stage as if you have not developed as a human being.

What you notice is just the further development of your personality and that, your buddies. This also includes the change in life situations with marriage, children, studies, profession ....

Ways are separated. Not only these, other ways will disconnect themselves in your life. For that, others lead, perhaps the paths of your buddies with your again; Sometime. Danielle

is normal for people to develop in different directions. Then you have to say goodbye to old friends and seek new ones that just fit better.

I find your life well.

Circle of friends breaks in old age?