Why are men on big boobs / butt?

2021-07-29 01:08:28 HECTOR

Hey wanted to know why guys find that so attractive or what makes this attractive. Note yourself in school too that guys are on it.


Nana. This is only if you make a trailer during puberty or as a new short.

So different girls are built, - so different are the preferences of a man. My coach is hypnotized from 75 b +/-


oute me one of the one who is not on big breasts.

Find them more deterrent and not infrequently women later have problems (back) by the weight.

Ne Lady would stand with 80f in front of me I would be pliedert.

With C Cup, it also sains with B and even with A.

So there are no people who do not like big boobs.


This is not generally so.

There are also men who on eggA petite woman standing, the girlish (standing) breasts.


stored genetically. But big breasts are not so relevant. In men and women, the taillia is baked hip ratio. Let's see women with about 0.7 we feel instinctively well and it signals health as well as accompanying fertility, in men, the measurable is more pronounced, the pouring of luckhormones to the stiff; -).

at 0.7 And just below the picture has wide hips and / or neat po. Almost all sex icons of the last 200 years have around 0.66 so 2/3 Taillie hips.


You can not generalize that, I am also on small.

Why are men on big boobs / butt?