Life might be much easier if you consider something of your opinion?

2021-07-29 01:08:49 WILMA

We think I agree that most of themselves make life harder than it should be. But what would you have to pay attention ....


Hello Quantum field,

To get back to the corner again: love makes a lot easier, but also more complex.

instead of always on the Find something or someone to be the * that we can instrumentalize, always goes out of us in love and is just there. This is the simple part.

For something there, at least one person may love - it would be more ideal with several people, so more variety in what is then there is. This makes the topic more complex.

Nevertheless, the scale must be tilted here for love, because the abundance and the degree of freedom that arises here weighs more.

So we are only allowed to do something let us go out, just something without right awayThus to think about a greater profit, create or effect. We can take a time for someone, sometimes have to afford something, sometimes make a hobby or a job that does not earn any money and thus does not stand in a dependency ratio.

And if something should earn money, it is Nevertheless, something, whichever can always go out and can, and thus creates fullness.

with many dear greetings


Pretty individual, many come too quite well clear - presumably;)

Otherwise, my recommendation would be generally my recommendation:

How does it affect my life? Let's say, 10 years?

Suddenly many things become a lot more relaxed. At short notice, they may seem extremely relevantBut in the medium term / long term, they are not at all.

Greetings and have fun in life: D


It already helps a lot if you do not get upset about things which you can not change anyway, if you do not worry about unrelated eggs, and if you are so tolerant that you accept your fellow human beings as they are and are not unquestioned in their lives.

Certain degree of courtesy also relieves the handling of each other.


Generally it would help if you do not only think of yourself, but also to the fellow human beings, thereby there are few conflicts.


... considering that:

  • Everyone from a different perspectiveE sees that his life has been characterized by experiences, etc.
  • one lives with more lightness, if one does not constantly be sword
  • one restructure his brain and thereby developing a completely different perception (brain plasticity)
  • Everyone more or less in his own bubble lives
  • HAPPY NO Lucky thing, but a decision is
  • Often it is in the way with self-deduction of any kind and keeps from reaching its goals
  • one must give themselves a kind of life, instead of waiting until he is from the Nothing disclosed

Life might be much easier if you consider something of your opinion?