Are stupid people unsympathetic?

2021-07-29 01:09:06 PEDRO


Always when I'm at school, I behave very introverted, because I am in the belief that other people find me unity and do nothing to do with me because I'm "stupid " am.

I'm not directly stupid, but just averaging my achievements, so for example, for example, in group works, in compartments in which I do not understand nothing, since I think I can not contribute anyway.
That's the way I do not contact me, for fear the others could keep me stupid with a wrong answer. Therefore, I'm not talking about anything in the class and not in the breaks.

I always thought everyone would have this way of thinking but that's really like that?

I look forward toI very much about your answers: D

Stupid people are unsympathetic to me. Choose 61%

The intelligence of another does not affect the sympathy. Choose 26%

I do not pay attention to it. Choose 13%


Non-Zwingsnd all, but there are some, which I know.

But also gives clever people who I find unbathic


If you mean, you're average, there must be others who are under your level: so stupid. But that you can not determine the participation in the class itself., Some do not participate because they are not interested in DAA topic or they are not motivated.

Otherwise you could see the questions and answers themselves where you stand.


Stupid Why? Every person has his qualities and areas where he is stronger. Think of you, you too have your opinion and what to say. Maybe you are craftsmanshipChicks and others have two "left hands".


Most whom I know that unfortunately already :( But does not mean that you are that too


Unfortunately, most

Are stupid people unsympathetic?