How do you react to the basket "I see you rather than best friend"?

2021-07-29 02:01:43 MARCIA

of such sayings, or "You are a great man, but I'm not the right one for you" or similar garbage the women give away if you look at a man as worthless, one feels Man without exception only fooled.

Such sayings meanwhile only lead to contempt compared to that of the person who expresses the same. In the past, I hurt me something like that, but now I only see intentional fraud and disrespect for the person who honestly expresses his feelings. Alejandro

I would have any understanding and would ask if you can still maintain friendship, even if I were injured first. But prefer the person is sincere instead of watching me something and false hopeto make. Love is something that you can not force and if the person does not feel like me, then that's the way. Don

completely relaxed:

"Nice, That we talked about it "= irony Michele

You can not change anything. You just have to accept that. Come on how to look for yourself the person. I think you do not have to say anything about the statement but maybe maybe a "ok". Ida

I already happened to me 3 times and that hurts with me although it hurts, but I always get up and try it on. One must always remain strong

How do you react to the basket