N-word, empression dance?

2021-07-29 04:00:44 MARIANNE

Annalena Baerbock, despite lightweight image losses, after all, Chancellor in SPE, if it stays like that and she will lead the targeted traffic light coalition from autumn, for example, with the current 19% + 17% + 13%, has excused that she is to to increase the forced, uncritical use of the word ne ger, the word himself has pronounced.

It has reasoned that it has meanwhile (probably in the left-green scene and sometimes beyond, note) should be to impose an emerging dance about the word, and not to pronounce it in critical or theoretical context.

So a bit like most characters in the Harry Potter novels never pronounce the word Voldemort or how Hannover-96 fans never the word BraunschEig, Schalker reluctantly the word Dortmund etc.

Well, I'm more than skeptical and I ask myself how to keep it within this logic with politically much more contaminated and ugly terms. For example, if you discuss National Socialism in history lessons or want to explain to your own children. The word n ​​..... would have to be a taboo, as it is associated with infinite cruelty and is already an infinitely perfidium lying for himself - because the Nazi barbarism was no kind of socialism.

And continued: If you want to explain students that the Nazis have designated themselves as a mansion - on the one hand, there are no crowds at all, right now no gentlemen race, you would have to be from the H-word SPreche. The people who did not like the Nazis called them subfens. A also significantly worse expression than the N-word, so talk about the U-word?. ?? The brutal terror on the way to the Nazi dictatorship was called a synchronization. The limitless cruel mechanical thinking, which is based, would have to lead to Taboo Ligik that one speaks of the G-word. End solution, one of the most so-best words that the meticulously planned industrial mass murder of 6 million Jews should then be called e-word and so on.

Can you really believe that such language tabuisations can help, wrong and wrong To recognize crimes better than such and to prevent him for the future or is the taboo language at the N-word total nonsense?

Nevertheless, but you may also have sound pro-arguments that speak for expressions such as ne ger with a fundamental emigration dance, even if you want to explain the problem of terms and want to denounce them, as it Baerbock has completely right in the interview?

In it

Previously, one learned differently in school. For example, the teacher woodpecker (YT)

Our motto must be: faith little. Handling everything. Think itself.

Because: learning from America means self-thinking.

America is / was always about 10 years. But we pick up.

Also without a Reichskliftsumskammer (although: the NDM try to exert such influence) we will be PC (political Correct) and maintain us in Neusprech, reading and writing in a light language.

https://www.thalia.de/shop/home/artikeldetails/id102968337.html Benjamin Your "ongoing" runs in the wrong direction: Your examples are piercing words for horrible Things. Neither the acts nor their EupheMismans may be forgotten. However, these words outside this context are of course absolutely taboo. I seriously hope that you do not see as euphemism for vile people. Here it is exactly the other way around: Anyone who is born with dark skin in Germany listens to this word in front of the kindergarten daily, not "in critical or theoretical context". A ban on this word ideally would be a modest way to fight back against these everyday racism. In practice, one of them is still far away: At best, the affected people will be fed "was only fun", in the worst case they help themselves a reference because they maliciously in a Schleck the kindergarten or the schoolHet's light. Who wonders that this word - no matter in which context - arouses very unpleasant memories in the affected people. That's why I personally hold it so that I do not use this word without compelling reason. Simply from consideration. In my assessment, the attempt to prohibit the word, precisely because it should be completely , so also from critical discussions. And I can not resist a bit of damages if the 110-percent witch hunters are now hunted. Wilma There is no general emigration thaw and will not exist. However, use should be sanctioned in connection with discrimination and deprivation. AnnaleWell Baerbock has been something too careful. Miguel has excused that, in order to increase the forced, uncritical use of the word, it has pronounced the word itself. how silly. It has reasoned that it has been that it is meanwhile (probably in the left-green scene and sometimes beyond, note) should be customary to impose an emigration habu about the word, and not in critical or theoretical context. how silly. But n-word should one say? What do you think if you say N-word? To the word Neeger. So you reproduce it or something when you talk about the racist usage. You should not bend this Puritan nonsense. Alone the word n ​​..... would have to be a taboo, as it is associated with infinite cruelty and is already an infinitely perfidium lie - because the Nazi barbarism was not all kind of socialism. but no external designation or Phaulism, and does not relate to unchangeable birth features. Nevertheless - but maybe you may also have sound pro arguments Carl I remember anything extra because you have everything mentioned, which speaks against the linguisan. Do not want to do the negative from the past by talk bans undone. Based on the Nazi time, Language Tabus could directly be an invention of the AFD: wash into the history byYou can not say anything about it anymore.

N-word, empression dance?