How can I act intelligently through clever words?

2021-07-29 04:01:50 JAY

I told Lackens a dude I speak like an Assi.


Try less Slang and Denglish, as my previous speakers wrote. Read more books like in 1984, which slides something less into the youth language. If you learn to use foreign words properly, that does not hurt either.

But everything in front: if you are not intelligent, you should not try to act intelligently. Incorrect impressions can quickly declare you independently in discussions.

But if you are looking for a few words:

Are some who occasionally hear (or more often), depending on the environment.


"Dude" we use stupid teenagers. If you want to work intelligently, use words dLittle other people use.

I do not want to work intelligently, so I talked to my friends and other BRES in the youth language.

I do not care anyone, not my boss.
I show fellow human beings and that already proves that I'm smart.


That has nothing to do with sly words at all. Much more important is that it is just right German, eg not "eating with car" but "I drive by car" or, for example, I did not have crasse BMW, etc.

Look at television Conditions on Arte or Phoenix and suits you their expertise.


How do you speak with your parents? Do you say "Dude" or "Assi"?

ICH Know teenagers who use all together the youth language that one thinks that they control no normal high German ... and come the parents to "Schwups" ... they can really express themselves normal.

If that's the case with you too: Everything is fine.


Read more books and tries to talk Hochdeutsch, at least to adults. Exercise makes the master.

How can I act intelligently through clever words?