With 14 no friend yet WHY?

2021-07-29 04:02:45 ELLEN

Yes can happen. It is not necessarily important to worry about it so relax you, the right thing is still


So prerequisite it is true, what you say, it can be either on your character and charisma or look.

You seem to have a pretty average character if I answer the others and look at your speaking so. Besides, you do not really take a slutty, how many other girls do it.

Therefore, I guess you can be either pretty pretty, but not what stand on or you are more ugly.

Then there are also those who simply use nature from men. Such a sceneDo not be to be.

So conclusion:

You're probably pretty ok, but just not the man's type. Brandon

With 14 is 14 That normal. With 14 that would be really rather pretty early. In my opinion too early, but everyone like him wants. I'm not going to ... At the age you are at the beginning or in the middle of the puppet. Muriel

Because man has not had a friend with 14 Quch.

Maybe you just did not have any occasion or yet not found to suit you. Your life is highly probably so absurd long that it really does not matter if you had a friend with 14 wchon or not.

Just do what you want and get to know you're fineUnderstand and then, but may develop as long as you are less than 24 is very likely the main reason Marcus

  • You've never really fell in love
  • Nobody has really fallen in love with you
  • You or he / she / it / we / her / you just too shy to say it
  • it just never What has resulted


may have many reasons

With 14 no friend yet WHY?