Family mad for my political opinion?

2021-07-29 04:04:26 CLARENCE

Hey. I am 17 years old and Turkin and live in Germany.

My family is very strictly believed and are also for Erdogan. For me, this is absolutely incomprehensible and I say to those of my opinion. But you do not like that at all.

My whole family is sunnitical and I am something else (Bin Muslin but feel assigned to another flow).

I accept my parents at all. You threaten me already throw out of the apartment when I'm 18. I can not even keep pictures of Atatürk in my room or live my religion as I want it.

Do you have tips that I can do?


So I know you want to express yourself and so I think it would be in this case to your own best if you live as long as you live at home, it simply rests, at least before the parents. My family comes from Iran and are strictly Catholic and very traditional. I also never said that I'm gay. Sometimes you have to satisfy your own ego, the urge to let all thoughts and opinions out. But in some situations, it can be more meaningful, for the peace of mind, at least to let it rest in front of them.


take off when you are 18 if the financially possible is possible and you should also be possible You are against your opinion maybe just keep the flap that is often the best for a


would be quiet, it would not hang on the big bell, try to take off early and if you have your own home, you can do everything you want when you get along That you will have stress with your family, provided.


Best to open next to your parents these topics no longer open, as they apparently do not accept or understand it anyway. I find it great that you have my own opinion.


Well, there is still glad to fly out of the apartment.

Since I have already read harder penalties, and seen in the news.

Family mad for my political opinion?