Can you laugh about yourself?

2021-07-29 05:00:58 BRADLEY

Each of us has ever wrestled in the shit. Are you trying to cover up your misfortune or make your other attention to it and laughs with you about your short circuit in the brain?

Example of my life. A girlfriend has a cat and she has been amented. The girlfriend was just on the toilet. I did not think about it over and started my mouth my mouth. Can be funny in people, unfortunately cats do not have their lace teeth not to smile. A wound was not visible and a loud I did not have to give me. Nevertheless, I told her and laughed with her.

I would have told her too. CHoose 69%

As a rule, I can laugh about me, but not. Choose 31%

I did not say anything. Choose 0%


Hello Naoki94,

Of course I can laugh about myself.

I have a lot of humor and laugh much, also about myself.

If a misfortune happens to me, I'll tell that too and are again laughing.

Yesterday at work, my beautiful white pants are torn when I put myself in the office. Since I had to laugh heartily. Fortunately, I wore a long tunic league about it.

Then I told it to my colleague and we laughed neatly.