Embarrassing naked stories?

2021-07-29 05:02:07 SUE

I was simply pulled down the pants in sports lessons and I was standing without pants, was bad embarrassing and I asked myself now if you have something like that similar or something like that happens?


I went to the swimming lessons in the 11th time the swimming trunks flutes, without I realized ... and then I stood with weighing banana above all. The boys have laughed chetchy and girls, up to one, caught. I immediately look back into the water swimming trunks ... after that eventually had a date with the one that has not been sacrificed, beautiful 8 months ... Clifton

Something is very embarrassing and who got down the matter, they wanted it only for fun, I mean they certainly did extra, but just wanted to allow fun.

But it is not bad because every person is the same except the female / male gender.

And I've never been PassiErt.

I hope you do not happen to you again.

LG Annie

Although one thinks that happens only in films. But I have actually happened to swimming that the swimming trunks is slipped away when I made a head jump XD

I'm quite open .. So it was not directly embarrassed but pleasantly not ^^ Casey

Have him brought him out of a presentation than you Teacher I said I got ne 5 Then I got a 5 and 5 weeks school reference Antonia


Embarrassing naked stories?