Stand on younger types?

2021-07-29 05:02:20 TRACI

Hey I am 21 and only stand on 16-21, in addition turn me off. To be honest, I had something with older men, but they were boring and sex was not the Burner either. Has only collected better experience with younger types. They do not take life too seriously and bring a more often to laugh. But is that normal?


Joa Everyone has another taste, I also stand on something older. But that depends on the person, everyone is different


Everyone stands on something else, is quite normal. Can also change. Just do not try to fall in love with 18 xD


Funny, I'm as old as you and get much younger haha.

And well, whether Normal or not normal, it can be discussed and everyone has a different view, which is concerned with the topic. The fact is, from age it is in the legal setting and what others think of it should no matter.

Do what you want when you enjoy it. You can not say more.


Everyone has his taste and his preferences ... You can not do anything and that's normal

Stand on younger types?