Before and disadvantages of a relationship as 9 decreasers?

2021-07-29 05:02:34 JON

Good day I asked myself what the benefits and disadvantages are a youth relationship. So as I see, there are more disadvantages than advantages.

Would like to know the advantages and disadvantages. Have a nice day


I would not divide the love and associated potential relationships (purely hypothetical) in categories of pre and disadvantages.

Either you have no time and desire for this topic and let it be or the opposite is the case.


So I find advantages: you have someone who can talk about everything, one spends nice time together, shares beautiful moments, makes first experiences, you may be more mature

Disadvantages: In the young age you are still very reckless, the find I think is the only downside.


I mean, try out ..? I'm in the ninth and if I had a crush now and that / this would like me too, I would not haveReason not to go into a relationship. It lasts as long as it does, maybe the relationship then holds years, maybe only a week, maybe N all life long. Enjoy the time and in the end (if it comes to it) just glad that you could collect the experiences and have a (hopefully) nice time :)


Hey Azzeeee

Benefits are:

  • Near
  • Trust / You can talk about everything
  • Like a Best Friend Only more intense
  • Experience
  • Expansion of social competence

Disadvantages are in my eyes only: love cumbers, jealousy and pain ... by dispute etc. otherwise nothing. The experiences always affect the experience. For many things it is factH too early.


difficult ...

I start with advantages

- first experiences

-Lougers worry about contracting etc ,

-Man can find out about his sexuality


Most ends at the latest after 10./12. Class / short Danacj

It does not understand yet 200% What love is in favor

Today, many in the age are still really immature

Before and disadvantages of a relationship as 9 decreasers?