Why do I feel much like exhausting?

2021-07-29 05:03:19 JAKE

Somehow I find many things in life as exhausting or not with a full ELAN behind it . Be it at work, in the gym, running, doing household, ...
Even if I have to help for gardening, I feel that as a tedious and make it unwilling.

Others are so engaged, with full elong behind the things and also pull things through.
Other work and exercise with higher intensity than I do it.
Others are faster at work, whereas I rather work in energy-saving mode and even admonished that I was too slow.
The same applies in the gym where other more achievements / progression achieve it when I do it. I often realize that I could do more, but it is often so difficult SEPushen and challenge.
When running, I could also be faster, instead, I only jog in that XD.

Can laziness, unmotivated be genetically
On the other hand, I would like to be ambitious, but it is so exhausting. I want to make career etc.
But how do you think of the effort? ^^

And no, I'm not depressed! It has to do if then with my (UN) conscious work / life setting. But do not know how to bring my brain to love effort.


It is certainly not that bad - but you clearly compare yourself to others who have always "bumblebees in the butt" and that should be evil. I am not a hobby gardener and no one who always has to boost something - not everyone can be an ambitious, running and working machine; One of them, the other so - and we are all the same as we are; -)

Of that, I think that the problem simply compares that and may be a self-esteem problem. Do not make you crazy and maybe if possible, if possible, if you get up or nerve, I'm doing it so and I'm not feeling badly .. We will always come across criticisms thatNS does not fit. Will be: -)


You reflect very well, that's the first way to change.

If you really get a greater endurance in If you want to gain your areas, so you can only do the first step in achieving an increase

Do not take so many areas before, start reaching a goal

I wish you good.


Hey, often that (at least with me) so that I am particularly strained, if I stressed me something else. I do not know exactly what - could be the same with you. And this stress is then getting by laziness to other things ... make career is not necessarilyFor everyone, what if you are so happy, maybe it is not necessarily your biggest wish, right? Maybe it's just a life phase, in 2 months you then have elent again;)

Why do I feel much like exhausting?