I do not come across you?

2021-07-29 05:04:44 KURT

I had a time, for months to a person an emotional bond, she was the most important person for me. I was her.

When writing this text, tears come back to me again, because I did not overcome the pain, and it will always stay that way, as I know myself as a person .. as we were, it will not be anyone else.

She has suddenly dropped me without unless. Baseless. I do not realize it. I do not know if I did something wrong I do not know what the reason was I did not know why it had to end at once. Suddenly the contact is torn. She blocked me and did not want a friendship anymore.

I still have hope that at some point you want the contact again.

Nevertheless but zI'll be with me myself, if I should not have done a particular thing, but at the moment it was what I thought rightly.

1. If she reports to me, should I accept it or leave it? Finally, she influenced my life at 180 degrees. And although I've never liked what you like and always distanced anyway.

2. What would it trigger for a feeling when I congratulate her birthday? (I still have your number)

3. What would happen if I contact after months of contact style experiments to connect to complete the matter orally?


If you told you that your feelings are not enough, then you know the reason why you no relationship

Nevertheless, it would have been loyal, she would have been about the Feeling of emotion and you would have to be part of you. Thus, the thing would be more likely to end for you than always ask if you have made a mistake.

If feelings are not enough, you can actually do what you want, and will not have a chance.

That's why I advise you to recover yourself from all the excitement, also to mourn as they run, and then you turn to your future life. Run down as well it works and do something good.

All the best for you.

Dre So you did anything, that's what you have. If you call you you can lose weight and talk to her, I would call you for your birthday. Exercise with her, apologized with her when it is necessary. Wish you all the best

Justin You have to know what you want and what not. If not think about it and give you time.

If someone simply blocked me out of nothing when I was well friendly I would want to hear the justification and otherwise the person is from my life. Does not go.

Jacquelyn My crush suddenly answered me no longer, was Riee eaten DRAME for me sometime came to me

attempts you vvvIIIIELLLL Divide !!

-Not by chats rummaging what else find what you can do

Tommy I know the pain and I'm sorry ...

Should it be really too bad and unstable, then do not hesitate to look for help.

I do not come across you?