Why do homosexuals, transsexuals, bisexuals necessarily have to tell each one of

2021-07-29 06:00:26 TOMMY

Why do they have to come with each out? Why did they have such a strong urge? As a hetero, for example, tell no one of them.

I have nothing against the, but it just annoys. They can keep their sexuality for themselves. I have no problem with such people who can do what they want. But they are overwhelming wherever it goes and have to be full of everyone and sometimes just annoys that. On the Internet you can see it above all. Clearly not all are like that. There are also homosexuals that are not like that, but many are already like this today.

So I'm not homophobic or transshob I do not mind if someone is gay or transexual. It just does not itch. But I wonder why you have to talk to each one instead of it fto retain and lead his life. I do not do that as a hetero, but just I'm still quiet.



I think if we fully fully swing every gay, that we are hetero would be very much on the nerves.


So clear if I ask a gay or transsexual question whether he is gay / transsexual then that should naturally answer yes because he is it. But that's not what I feel. I'm concerned with the people who absolutely have to tell everyone and having every nerve. That just annoys. They can be quiet homosexual or transsexual, that does not interest me. Everyone should do what he or she wants and I think it's good if it is accepted. But why do you necessarily have to tell it everywhere and everyone completely talks about it? it sucks. As a hetero, I'm not talking to the wholeN day about my sexuality.


You as a hetero do not have to correct the wrong assumption that people have from your sexuality. Would everyone think you are gay, would you also correct them. Is not the same at all.

Do not know about which people you talk about. I do not know anyone who tells each of his sexuality. You have stops with the people who are important to the people. But no one introduces himself with his sexuality. What should the Alberne exaggeration.



Yes, I think it's annoying and I do not run around and tell everyone: "I'm Hetero and By the way: Monday 19 o'clock is our self-help and anti discrimination group. "

What the other mITMANS IN YOUR BEDROUNDINGS MEAN NETS NOTHING. I honestly do not want to know that, because that's a private thing.



Well, because that is important. Imagine that you would not say your friends about nothing in terms of women. Sexuality shapes a simple and is an important part of life


That's how I thought, but the persons show it because it is not obvious everywhere and partly forbidden.


Because they believe the more it is addressed, the higher the acceptance, but the shot goes like you realize huge back ...

Why do homosexuals, transsexuals, bisexuals necessarily have to tell each one of their sexuality?