She has her days?

2021-07-29 06:00:40 ELLEN

My girlfriend has her days, and I do not really know. We have just cuddled and kissed us, and suddenly she turns away, stands up and goes. Although I did not say anything.

The same in the morning: we usually always have sex in the morning, foreplay we had already done, but then she turns away suddenly and makes a coffee, and then ready to go away.

We live together for almost a year now, that is, I have already experienced many periods, but she always had wanted sex or at least wanted to cuddle. I realized that she had mood swings, sometimes pain, but she never pushed me away.

Now I ask myself what to do. She does not seem to cuddle, sex tooNot, should I cook her? Maybe to the girls, but would you already be so on it, and if so, what would have helped you?


talk, talk, talk! Communication is the most important thing in a relationship. Ask her, what's going on and why she just goes to say if you can do something to make it better or the way it is.


I find it so cute that you are thinking. Yes, I already had something like that. Maybe you'll make a tea, or take the part of the work you would have to do otherwise. Actually, you can not really do something, except to wait it stops again.

Greetings and good luck


You actually have his rest and what to snack, do not take it to heart, so does that happen to me when I visit men there then I really like that to those who like thatE occurs again, patience, maybe she just has too dolle cramps


As it was already said here, the libido loss and the mood swings, that sounds very strong after the pill . I had everything even before I have discontinued: especially during the break it was partly very extreme. So that should be clarified.

In addition, maybe you just leave it alone and stop thrown on on sex. No idea, maybe that's just wrong, but it sounds a bit like it's just about it.


calm. Apparently she wants to rest, so give her the same. She will come by itself if she is doing better

She has her days?