What would you do if ...?

2021-07-29 06:03:23 TERENCE

... you have an accident with your partner / partner and he / she must be saved from the rescue workers hysterically to be saved first because he / she must remain urgent alive (more people who miss, greater professional success available is oä).

Would you ...

... leave him immediately, such an egoism is not possible. Choose 64%

... Ignore it was just a nervous breakdown. Choose 18%

... understanding, was a terrible situation. Choose 9%

... be angry, was really shit, but come over it. Choose 9%


The result is probably at the current partner. If I was now with a young mother, who still has to worry about their children, I would probably agree with her. If she were a significant politician who has to lead her country through a crisis or a medical age that could just save many lives with a discovery, she was right that she is more important than me. For other constellations, I would have less understanding.


A rescue paramedic and we (company initial helpers) were trained first overview Who needs help the most urgent.
Since this person, so to speak, the loudest He has no quick help necessary.
Thus you would help you first


At least then I do not know that the shock state is not so bad, because the shock state is worse when the person can no longer interact with others. It would therefore reassure myself the hysteria than to worry


Such a partner would not only be data.

Apart from that ... I would be disappointed and disappointed Would clarify that afterwards. Probably separation, but he / she is likely to explain.


I would soothe myself first and afterwards looking at the conversation in peace. The reasoning is of course pulp and sounds very selfish. However, I could understand the stress in the situation. You're already talking about crazy stuff. Leave directly? No.

What would you do if ...?