Did you prefer big or little butt?

2021-07-29 07:03:42 LAURIE

Gladly with justification!

QUESTION EVERYARY TO MENS MEN But women can also answer.

Somehow I get very common that many stand on big butt (and these said "bubble butts"). Personally, I do not find that very attractive because I prefer smaller butt.

I am very uncertain about my butt, since I find him too big ... but he can not be so big because I put in my pants and I have already read more often, that some women because of their buttocks Do not fit in your clothing size.

My freunt said he was "small" - which does not seem outlined but apparent as a compliment.

Of course, the appearance is not the most important thing, especially the character, but that's just a riceN superficial question. Everyone can have his preferences - only if they must be met exactly - would be superficial.

There is also deliberately no "means" to select, because if you just have to decide for one thing, what would it be?

Small Choose 58%

Gross Choose 42%


Maybe little butt of but honestly I do not care, even more of a big butt and that annoys if you wear a dress, for example, it does not fit so well


So I find a smaller butt much more beautiful. But we are honest .. Whether he's small or big, actually makes no difference on the person. That's just a matter of taste.


Well, should not be flat now But too much I do not like it. All you should see something but now not that the person consists only of butts. Okulldsm also comes up the shape.


I've always follow the motto "less is more". Problem is just that such women often have oneN may need caesarean section: /


Small and a beautiful shape is a thousand times more beautiful in my eyes.

Did you prefer big or little butt?