How do I find myself again?

2021-07-29 08:02:48 TAYLOR

Good evening,

My thoughts so late in the evening let me find me again.

I just tell.

I do not have any friends (I've broken off the company with my best friend for given reasons and the other friends are the typical "purpose-feedships"; ie for school things it is fully enough, in the private meeting we meet But very rare to us not).

Since then I have broken off the contact not only alone but also feel quite lonely.

I am permanently on the phone and try to distract me, but must constantly think of you. We had a very long, intimate and profound friendship, but I just had to finish that because it did not go anymore.

The TatsacHe that I have no distraction except at work makes me ready.

I have no one with which I can do something and hatch since the summer holidays only at home (I'm 18) or work in my mini job.

I'm only hanging on the mobile phone and consume superfluous and nonsensical bullshit that does not interest me to somehow come over the day.

I realize how I permanently stressed so that I'm spasmious to look for an employment with the acts in mind that it is very different than me.

Since our contact graduation, it has even gained even more friends and possibly does not think of me.

The topic should now go past the theme with her anyway. She has built shit and with itMust and I live now.

I do not want contact more to her, point. She always proves me that again.

But please tell me: How do I find myself again?

I barely laugh, I'm just thinking of our broken friendly juice, because I do not have any more, fill the day with shit to somehow rest again in the evening and have the same result ...

I lost myself and do not know who I am

I'm desperate and do not recognize myself!

I think I'm drape back to my depression ...



From my experience, I can tell you: sometimes 'so' phases in life. That will change sometime again.

If you want to find new people, then you have to look for the actively. They are not suddenly in front of your doorstep. You have to go out and interact with people. At the moment that is, of course, everything is more expensive than usual, I also have no buck with the lobe on the face in the sports club.

Maybe you still know people from earlier and can tell you. Or maybe an online singel stock market is what.

But clear if you are only sitting in front of the phone, there is nothing happening. You have to go out and go out of the house.


  1. Just put your phone away.
  2. Try a lot to distract a lot in everyday life and try to accept the whole thing. You are bad but there are good times again.
  3. You could also seek new hobbies to connect with people and maybe find new friendships.
  4. For example, talk to your parents about your feelings, speaking really helps and you feel better with it.
  5. If you are still bad, you can also consult a psychologist to talk to her about your problems. You can help you much better and give you more tips.

It's good that you have stopped contact with your girlfriend. The memories were determinedNice and the distraction has helped, but also with all that was a good decision.

Because now the steps start that you feel better.

If you want to find new contacts, you could try it with the app spontacts.

If you know you as a crisis in a clinic and please be removed that your phone is removed. That lets your head work and let your problems too. It's hard but it will be easier soon.

By being there, you are among people. Stay as long as you can and want.

I can only say it will be better as long as you allow you to help you and the people who want to help you do not have to race behind you. For example, ignore the call or e-mails of therapists orDo not come to the appointment and do not make a new one.

Try so often you can go for a walk. That's hard but every time is win success.


I do not know the reasons but there are also mistakes you can forgive or just talk about it and create them out of the world, too does a good friendship. If I had to advise now, you were injured and have chosen the easiest way, namely the canceling, but that will never help you, neither with her nor at other friends. If you are sorry for you and you even look jealous of her, that does not help you either. What can you advise you hmm, talk to her and just look for other friends. Vl in a club or what you like to do.


How someone already said go out on parties meeting whatever, they always know people.

Or you are looking for really old friends and try to get in touch with them. For me it worked like this. I was alone for a while and had little friends or have always done something with my best friend but in the long run was boring every day with the same person. Then I met with old school friend again where you were not so fat in school but today was all the more. At that time they had their groups and I mean but somehow you come together again and you also have many memories. Two colleagues from me chill out always to third or four and I only started at the beginning to two contact. ThereBut when I have "compulsive" in these groups in these groups have also been the others to my buds and I have JZ much more people and get to know each day. Do me also meet with some even if we never knew each other before.

You just have to be the first step because many have already found and no one really comes to one. If you want something fight for it you will do that.

How do I find myself again?