Can a piece of paper about a person statements?

2021-07-29 09:02:21 ALEX

For example, if you write something

whether you canceled

or empty sheet Write?

Believe You can pretend a little as a person?


No Choose 53%

Yes Choose 47%


Can you certainly, but it's not always soo easy if you have no further data.

If someone prioritizes only texts, then lined leaves would probably be more praltish, if one also works with numbers and so works and firgan, then plaid, when a very creative is, then a blank sheet. In addition, which pens he uses whether he uses colors e.c.t.

A pencil would be corrigible, for example, just filled, nen Kulli stays more durable, a filler is then more special, so someone also gives more emphasis on the typeface.

But maybe maybe For other reasons, this person has a different leaf style or a different pen. Sometimes it is a total artist, he loves it very muchWriting agile with filler, but he likes to use Nen 20 Cent Kulli and something as a paper, which he finds.

So it is difficult to interpret something from a brief visibility. Pamela

Yes, trained people gives a lot of information about a human being. You can hardly believe what tiny little things or coincident you have for a great importance. I think there is still much more insignificant than your example, with great significance about man.

I find something very exciting: -) Seth

Yes It says on which variety of paper he likes to write, if he was allowed to choose the paper freely.

More certainly not. Kate

I write as well as always on checkeredPaper, with filler (very wide feather, Kaweco, Lamy or Pelican) or a very soft (5b to 8b, Faber Castell 9000) pencil.

And? What does that supposedly say about me?

None of it. Marshall

Yes, pseudoscience. Because not comparable to the handwriting.

Can a piece of paper about a person statements?