Is he falling in love with me or do I imagine that?

2021-07-29 10:01:04 SETH

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Sorry front for the slightly longer text!

Have a friend I can often see and know each other long.Is Single and 35.I bin 29.Thoch we undertook Lately unusually with each other. So and he smiles myself so "funny". It sees me so in love and he just smiles funny. It is scary. I have the feeling that he has fallen in love with me. Of course He never said directly.

He is particularly affectionate to me.Birend What would I find the scary. Na versich is fine. But that has never been experiences with men and just too short. Total inexperienced in the subject of relationship. If necessary, he likes it very. It tries to approach ". What is the name of it? Tries a lot with meTime to spend and comes to me at the smile near. But not yet the attempt to kissen. It was today for coffee then asked me if I like him.

Of course I said and he said came close to me. And then put his hand around my waist and squeezed me in itself.What that means that if a man lays around the waist of the woman?,

Of course I have to do that about me And it somehow liked it somehow, he asked further if I wanted to cuddle. I went back in shock a piece ago.Where I was very scared. And I did not know how I should react. 2 weeks ago I was about With him on a walk and of course, something should be short.

And we were a felt eternity on theParking and put his hand on my thigh. With the pretext he would have to look which material it was. Hat a pant with not real leather on. Such a synthetic leather. If you understand what I mean. He always smiled as weird as if he would kiss me any moment.

He knows a lot about me and can remember a lot of things that I have said ahead of a certain time. Mir is as if he is in love with me. I Does not yourself know if he is only meant friendly or if I'm back there? I was allowed to go home to him.A father has nothing against me on the contrary He can also suffer myself. And somehow I have the feeling I raise myself too much. What is not good now.

But what does it meanYou can do what this can?

I do not want to fall into the house with the door and it is not upgrading it. I can not be promoted. I can not kiss him right now and say I want to start with him. Something would be exaggerated. Do not make me embarrassing and ridiculous. I'm just confused.

What do you mean?

Thanks for all answers

Ciao Ciao

You can talk to him and ask him if he feels something for you and if you feel the same then it simply tries it. Tell him that you have no experience with men and do not want to override nothing directly,

I wish you good luck