Which sentence is wrong?

2021-07-29 10:01:20 ADRIENNE

The set below is wrong.

The set above is correct.


Hello Smart Bugs

Below is wrong ..

Who turns in the circle does not get any further ... it has a beginning and an end - the actual Question is what sentence is wrong and not who right from the two crites;)

Person A: Which sentence is wrong?

Person B: The set below is wrong

Person C: The set above is correct

My job is to clarify the question of person A. For this purveyed I asked the view that C is wrong - C is the same opinion -> the task of a solved we do not want to create any problems where do not Dudch meaningless in the circle turn and a forgot due to Focus on B and C




The first one of the ZWei


It is a paradox, there is no answer


The second

Which sentence is wrong?