My friend is an egoist?

2021-07-29 12:00:32 VICKY

Hello everybody,

My friend and I have been on vacation for 4 days and we have agreed that we did not drive in our holiday week to his grandma but on a Saturday since I finally paid a lot of money for the accommodation I do not want to waste any day.

I said that too.

The day before that he has already begun to say that his grandma was strictly Christian and I should not wear a cutout And he made me a day before a small child's kinky sloves when he was drunk, and that was not his grandma not seeing it.

I was just doing myself ready and he suddenly says he is going on now and is like a mistaken alone to his grandma's driven, which is really bad for me there's now bestImmt as if I had no interest in his family although the opposite is the case.

He says I should now learn from it now.

Now I have laid in all the stress my pill and find Not again.

He is the only one who understands and can speak, and my pill is not allowed in this country so I can not just go to the doctor either.

Me I took him if he can come back and at least help me to look for.

The pill was usually in his car in the glove compartment, but he would not be able to do it anymore.

Panic I have also phoned my mother, who told me that it was our problem but who wants to have fun should also take responsibilityEN and that was related to my friend.

There are always two people

She stands behind me what that concerns.

Always when I call him then he only goes Shortly ran, something is talking to him and then puts on.

I also asked him if he wants to be father he then has to bear the responsibility, and he just says nothing.

Me Am at 180, am now alone on vacation in a country whose language I do not master and here really hardly dominates English and does not know where to go with me and my feelings.

I'm so injured how long nothing more.

I feel totally left alone and estimated zero value, he simply lets me with everything alone.

And feel the feeling of wanting to do Wis getting worse, but I also know that it will completely break my heart.

How would you react? What should I say to him? Does anyone have a council for me ...


Separate you from him. It will not be better and you will always suffer more and more.

Whistle on the holidays (is infiled anyway), journey off, and let him stand in the rain.

You decide. The cultural difference is too big. You will not be clear and suffering and suffering. This hurts first - but hurt now too.

Shooted him in the wind.

  1. Make the risk
  2. The risk
The risk There is no need to pregnancy, because you can certainly buy condoms in every pharmacy and if he does not help you with your prevention, he just has to believe it.
Now I have laid my pill in the whole stress and do not find it again.

And the GOfühl conclusion is getting worse, but I also remember that it will completely break the heart.

You do not need the pill anymore if you go directly to consequences and finish. Certainly it breaks the heart, but that will be back. Much worse is it to spend a life with a guy who is only always thinking about it.


I would part with him. Dear once really peasant pain after the separation instead of rumbling someone on the heart and feelings for years. You do not do that well, you're looking for you and your opinion more appreciated. And if he has no understanding for the separation then let him do not make it to your problem. It is not your fault and here are DI enjoy enough people who can understand that.


If your friend is today so, tomorrow it will not be better, rather worse.

Wait, goes off if you are married.

And sorry, if woman likes that, fault yourself.

And then still want to hide behind love, says everything.

Such a person does not love you, you give a kick in the butt and is good!

My friend is an egoist?