Doctor games as a child?

2021-07-29 12:00:46 CASEY

Did you also do doctoral plays or do you still do if so what did you do so?

Yes Choose 76%

No Choose 24%


Yes, I have in kindergarten with a girlfriend together on my best friend I was in love with. Have just looked what he's like this and that examined, as if we were inherent as if, of course, we did not do that, but of course that and everything with his consent. But always did something with him, at least I have it in memory. And later in elementary school we wanted to try with another, a few years older boys, as sex goes and then drove us on his leg, only with a pillow in between, then without pillow, the others wanted to go further, I am Then gone, no idea what they did then.


We have the genetal area andD As invested in and with rum playing


Laying lungs, vaccinating, in the ears looking, measure fever.


Yes with SO 8- 11 "examined" and rum played


Yes I used to ... I still do now. Mind you with the same person

Doctor games as a child?