Girlfriend wants to be taken from several foreign ran?

2021-07-29 12:01:00 GREGG

Hello Together

My partner has recently told me that you have had the desire for some time from several strange men at the same time.
We lead a beautiful and varied sexuality and then if then Am I coming with a new, exciting. Do not mean that it is prudish, but still not so open. And now she comes with such a hammer. When I suggested her that we can go to a couple swingerclub, she said that she was to publicly and do not share me ...
Basically, I would not have anything against an MMF. But such a "mass event" ...
Does anyone have experience with such things?

And they do not share me ...

Interesting! She does not want to share you, probably not even with a single other woman. But you should share it with several men. Your girlfriend is ruthless and selfish. You seem to be indifferent to whether you like to share them with several. Do you call love?

Where is the same right for all? That's what you should tolerate with her must also tolerate them with you. A relationship must be balanced to keep it. Balancedness but sees differently what your girlfriend is expecting!


So ... she wants to have sex with strangers, but she does not want to share her?

If you may, you can!

Sowas NenneI, open relationship. (for your part)

And the swinger club is good idea. -, - I do not think more.


So she wants to let go of others, but you can not have anything with others?! Would my girlfriend bring something like that I would end, honestly ...


If it is already with such answers, how should that be later?

I would separate me, she should do it!


is worth an experience.

Girlfriend wants to be taken from several foreign ran?