Consequences by bullying?

2021-07-29 12:01:48 BRITTANY

My 14-year-old daughter now has "built" shortly before the summer holidays, that she is bullied at school and blasphemy all her friends about her and make it down. My daughter Emma tells me that every morning she has nausea and abdominal pain before school and often cries in sleep in the evening. Most of them shocks me, that Emma cuts into his legs with a razor blade for a year! I did not notice anything from all and I'm very sorry .. What can I do, should I talk to the school or in a clinic in a clinic? We live in BW, unfortunately I do not know myself with psychiatria .. LG


I would first talk to the parents of the students who bobben their daughter. Your daughter should tell you all the incidents to which you can remember, which you write down. Then you go to the parents and talk to them, the best thing is when your daughter has witnesses who can confirm the bullying.

If that does not help, you can tell the parents quietly, you go to the parents Teacher, the Rector, the mayor, the police, to the newspaper to make this public.


Sorry, but that you did not notice that with the self-injury, I think already Detail on your part. After all, she is still a child and does that for all year long. Emma lives with you or how is thatto explain? Anyway: Yes, there is urgent need for action. You should turn to the school management and cause a school change for your daughter.


I do not hope that your first thought is to "reject" someone. Talk to me, talk to the school. Use the holidays to look close contact with her.


Go to school. Be very stubborn, because it is not rarely downloaded. There should be talks with the students. Take proper pressure, otherwise that rows.


For a year?!

My youngest daughter was bullied in the 3rd class of elementary school, we have discussed the behavioral change after 14 days and withYou spoke. I talked to the mailbox on the same evening (Fridays) of the class teacher and wrote a clear brand to the school's rector and announced my appearance for the next Monday.

When I came to school in the afternoon, I was informed about the rector that my data (or the daughter) have been confirmed in talks with classmates and the named mobben, the parents of the Mobber informed in writing and to be invited to a conversation with the rector and that the affected Mobber received a school reference from the following week for a week become.

All this was implemented so and the Mobbers had to apologize to the daughter in the presence of their parents, this happened after the week school reference,It was, so to speak, the re-entry into school visit.

Consequences by bullying?