Teacher harasses a thing?

2021-07-29 12:02:17 DALE

Our music teacher took me with the book on the butt of the butt. It is 60 and old and has also a 40-year-younger girlfriend and has flown from the old school because he had something with a classmate and no with the book It was not troubled, which has made completely aware.

I told it after a longest thinking of a teacher who told our class teacher because there was no evidence, that did not do anything, I kept a distance.

Now before the holidays 5 weeks ago, he has put his arm so on my hip and from then on it is attributable to me only to I have contact attack in older people and can simply not watch men anymore

I did not tell my parents because DIE determines me in any therapy and I do not need that

There was no reseebe since we were the only ones in the room I do not know if I should tell a teacher because that I told that at that time is no longer on our school and therefore I have no Ahnubg who should say it because I find it a bit weird that then with a man to discuss even if our class teacher mega is nice and but still

me I also have a friend but with him I do not worry about it are really just in older men


This is a dangerous gray zone.

It may be that you can override it and it may be that he exaggerates. Exactly one can not say that as outstanding.

You should definitely be aware of possible consequences.

Depending on how you handle it, you could massively influence the future of the teacher. I think that's not enough for you to feel a personal disgust older gentlemen and make that to a sexual harassment.

Personal dislikes do you have to hide.

A teacher may also touch a student without having to open the same disciplinary procedure.

So make you honestly and objective the question:

Is it generally onlyYour personal disgust or dislike or is that really a criminal offense?

It could be - and that's so a guess of me - that you see the thing worse than you actually.

But I was not there and does not know.


Talk to your parents and let them talk to the music teacher.

I think if they think Make the time, he stops with it.

I, as a mother, would take me to the chest from the heart.


Well, I say so .. . It depends on how old you are, but if it stands in such a case statement against statement, one often believes the girl rather.


There is certainly safe at your school a trust teacher / trustHer woman. This is the correct address. You should not let that be based on it, but report. The behavior of the teacher described by you is a clear border crossing.


You should say that someone is not in the sense of the school that you want to feel unwell and harassed your students with your teachers So it would be completely ok to say. If you do nothing he will surely start from you because you have talked to him

Teacher harasses a thing?