Which languages ​​can you or still learn?

2021-07-29 12:04:04 PETE

Bin M / 16, and I like spoken languages. At the moment I can "Bosnian", German and English. I also thought still to learn Russian, Italian and Japanese because these spoke to me very much. How is it with you and why do you want to learn the languages ​​you want to learn? And if you can Japanese and learn how should I start with it, because Kanji with more signs than Chinese, sounds painful.


I speak fluent German, Spanish and English. I understand it very well, when talking, I just miss the exercise, I want to change that. Latin I had to learn, but I forgot almost everything you can forget. I really want to learn Portuguese. Country and language I find beautiful and I also think about living there for a while.


I can / learn five languages, but I am at a very different level:

  • German (mother tongue)
  • English (C2 Level, 7 years at school, foreign and daily practice)
  • Spanish (B2 level, 3 years in school, uni-courses, foreign countries and VHS course)
  • French (A2 Level, 7 years of school, can I read and get meObvious, but the resemblance to Spanish is difficult to speak. Since I would need more exercise again)
  • Korean (beginning A2 level, I am reading with a lot of joy).

Japanese I have learned about half a year, me Katakana and Hiragana taught and visited a VHS course. But I would not say that I can do that in any way, much more than greetings and the like I have not got out there. Kanji are indeed tedious, but you need them to read only the easiest texts. You can not learn that in the first place, but you learn the words written with the words. For example, you learn the word for river (かわ Kawa) and equal to the corresponding Kanji 川. That is, the bigger MIt's going to be your vocabulary, the more Kanji you can read and write at best. Luckily you need less Kanji than you need Chinese characters when you want to learn Mandarin and there are also less of it.

Me Speaks Joy and I'm fascinated by the differences between the underlying concepts and expressions. Mandarin would like to learn, but you really need time and motivation for and just the many signs ...


So I can speak: German, Dutch, English, French and one Little Spanish. However, my French and Spanish are not good. However, I still learn these 2 languages. In addition, I can flat German, Luxembourg, Afrikaans, YiddishAnd Danish reading and / or understanding.

And because it's so beautiful, I can understand, read, write and speak Belgian German and Belgian Dutch (Flemish). I also learn the Belgian French parallel to French.


Hi! I speak fluently German, and English actually almost. Besides, I can also speak and read Kurgisian and Kurdish and a bit of Russian. At the moment I learn french ^^


I can: German, English, Hungarian.

I learn: Spanish, Turkish, Dutch.

In the school I learned Russian but unfortunately almost everything forgotten.

At some point I also want a 7th language, because 7 is my Lucky Number

Which languages ​​can you or still learn?