Which sexualization is you most likely?

2021-07-29 12:04:21 MARC

Would I be interested in :)

I (female, 16) I have never come to sex, despite a long and extensive prelude ...

That's why I wanted to ask what right now Most likes to orgasm :)


I come with every position but my friend logically helps;)

Only from "Pure, out" I would probably not come, except maybe in the rider.


M17 unfortunately often not in sex, but usually has nothing to do with the position but that one is tense nervous etc


Most women do not come through anal shift only around 20% of it. It works best when fingers


My girlfriend is very good when I take her from behind, so doggy.im lie, or in the knees, does not matter. I'm really deep. And can move well. Also slipped in the A.us, it was ok.


At the riding position or at the Doggy.

Which sexualization is you most likely?