Read therapists in the 10 minutes before in the file or how do you remember that

2021-07-29 12:05:03 PHILIP

Personally, I feel it as a phenomenon to remember so much, I mean, I'm great too.

But here, for example, an example hahja, my therapist was 5/6 years ago Made notes and not written notes with notes from me.

When I was with her again in 2018, she could remember sofort like everything, clearly she has read again but in the 10 minutes shortly before she would have Never managed. Especially when she sat in front of me, her piece of paper was empty so no notes.

I'm just interested in how therapists manage something.


Psychotherapists document the problem and in the treatment of their clients. Therefore, a therapy lesson always ends after 50 minutes, so that the therapist has ten minutes to make entries until the next hour.

It will surely need his memory support from time to time, because he can not all patients with their Have problems in the head.


If you are interested in your profession and like your job, then you realize something like that. In general, one should also have a certain gift. Not everyone is there with heart;)


So in current patients, the therapists actually have that on the screen, which are actually on the screen, probably spaZ before the last time, the notes of the last time go through again.

My mother as a therapist can I say that she actually completely and tedious through the old documents, when a patient is so long Interruption after a few years again again. So not only in 10 minutes ... Ellis

So, most therapists have a good memory and if one deals with a person so intensively, then you will notice many things. Andy

I think they prepare for longer and simply remember things. I mean as in some teachers who still know me after years although I have nothing more.

Read therapists in the 10 minutes before in the file or how do you remember that?