Why does this often run nowadays?

2021-07-29 12:06:04 LUIS

I was 17 at that time and we thought we were together and we had about 2 months what was going on and what was what was a relationship. He met my parents, I his. We were together every weekend and went brunch, doing things that also make couples and had sex.

After 2 months he said they chilled at a friend, there was cold and a buddy said to him "Hey age, your girlfriend is cold" and he said "she is not my girlfriend" - that hit me really hard

One week later he said we have to talk and then I asked him if he asked him If he wants to take up and he only so "No, we were never together, so I can not stop. Ne relationship is just not my thing so ICH It's better when we do not meet anymore "

He was as I said my first time and that was extremely injured, because it was really like a relationship because we met each other's parents and totally met many relationships Things did not take yes ..

Meanwhile I am 28 and ask me what I have found at at all at all. We went over the way. He has not been a girlfriend until today because he enjoys it Being single
But I had such situations in recent years unfortunately often more often
for years now no longer because I had a relationship from 24 to 26 and since the separation no feelings for someone else can feel like that before I had before Sowas Totally often
Why does this often run nowadays?
It used to be much easier than you were still "Want to go with me" ..


That's just one of the problems that can emerge: "... And since the separation no feelings for someone else can feel."

The more intense the relationship was, The more sustainable are the negative consequences of a separation. Many people are binding by having sex. Others do not bind themselves by sex because they lost to binding ability. But whether the right one or the right one was "there" or whether it is the sex partner, it is not possible to find out by sex but only a good get to know the whole person.


That's exactly why I would not just go out of a relationship (he saw that rather than a F +), but go safely.


Come on, that's 11 years now - you can come over it.

I also sometimes ask me today what I found one or the other at that time.

Shoveling less in the past, see more forward.


Sowas already gave. For the reason, I talked from the beginning of plain text. That means that when the feelings are in the game, I want to know if it is a relationship or if I just want to have fun, I give the lady to let me know. Some do not drop it and just let it run ........ Either will be something out or not. The latter would not be so my thing ..... I want to know where I stand and wants to be so fair to be my opposition if I just want to have fun. But as I saidGabs already.


I think so there was always something. But it may have been reinforced by social media because it has "access" to much more potential partners.

Why does this often run nowadays?