Do you sometimes ask you if we are lied to Corona?

2021-07-29 12:06:19 RAY

Two problems:

  • Prevention Bias: We would not have done, it would have come much worse. But it did not come bad, would we have to do that so much? Prevention acceptance often decreases when prevention is successful. My opinion: was necessary.
  • Nobody knew it or it was scientifically discussed. Both right: How we have to deal with such a pandemic, we first found out with the pandemic. Sometimes only after a coated (early school closures ???) or more often to linden measures. At the same time, this was generally discussed for and against a scientific point of view, which I also find good. Only some seems to have irritated, the "science" does not wIE in textbooks customary, only a truth, but is built in the same way as a discourse.

Ergo, no, no lies. With the critique of pure reason, everything opens up as well. Even though we did a lot in retrospect.


No, I do not wonder anymore, but I'm convinced.

Stupid only that, if necessary, evidence will not be so easy to find, as well secured.

And if it should come in many years so far, the people are no longer concerned.


Everyone has its own view to Corona. In the considerations are in the foreground for most income, convenience and retention of old habituals, and in the GünThe case is the health concern just equally important. This mixture distorts the opinion.

In addition, most of the "official" information is from people who are currently doing much, but much too little knowledge, and also more or less other things a higher priority have as health. Since politics is a significant part of lobbying, the distortion problem within politics is particularly noticeable. On top of that, the science of lack of lack of knowledge is by no means unique.

Another distortion takes place through the media landscape. Not always exactly what someone said about the topic, but it is very much interpreted and also umi

The consequences of everything are then the, as we have: often chaotic disagreement, opinion war, speculation, and everything only a little consolidated truth, but all the more with half-truths, but hardly anyone really really Can find out how great the truth share really is and what is really true. A better well-being have only those who have opted for an information variant and firmly in faith are that this is the truth (almost as with religions).

But really tragic is not. Where there are problems that you can not solve yourself, there is a way to learn to handle as well as possible. This is not much different than the normal everyday shopping: you knowthat you are relieved and often cheated, you know that only rarely is everything that is in it, what's on top, you have learned what is wholesome and what does not, and you are trying to make the most out of it.

Do you sometimes ask you if we are located in Corona?

Quite. And it is also completely incomprehensible, why CoronaSceptor or CornaEgliers can still sprease her lies, that the virus and his mutations would not mean no danger to health and lives of humans, although it is clearly proven that tens of thousands of people alone in Germany, millions died worldwide and many more long-term, significant health restrictions after oneHappy to overcome infection.

Remains healthy and let them vaccinate!



I do not need to ask myself, but it is I'm simply clear.

A simple example .... if I told me daily in the media based on numbers carried out by Soundsovielen new infections , then that is simply the unity.

For this I only need to look into the infection protection law, as a infection is clearly defined.

And a PCR test can not prove any infection, but he is not designed for that. A PCR test can recognize virus DNA and even extremely accurate. But he can not see if the organism is actually with propagationViruses burdened and thus actually infected.

That's about the same as if a policeman finds empty beer cans in my car in a traffic control and I then get an ad ride under alcohol influence without anyone but controlled whether I really have alcohol in the blood.

The problem, PCR tests falsely issued as new infections is known by the way, will also be mentioned from time to time in the media (even in forced charges), but that does not have any consequences.

Do you sometimes ask you if we are lied to Corona?