Fear of death / life?

2021-07-29 12:06:37 MARSHALL


I (14) I've made a lot of thoughts in the last time around the meaning of life and death, and but also found that I do not do that well.

My answer to these questions I think I found, it is only totally hard to accept that someday is just all over (as before my birth) and everything I do is only temporarily a meaning, for the universe So completely insignificant is. (I'm not believed.)

I can not stop thinking about it, and it totally disturbs me that I can not simply complete the topic - that's the real problem.

The question is now only if that is normal. Does it stop it all that I do so crazy? Is it perhaps atEveryone so that you have to do with a while? I want to live without me constantly breaking my head over something.


Does not it surprise you that you have ever woken up? If you believe that, that does not come afterwards, you should not believe that something happened at all.

Did you know that the body is only a self-preserving "pattern? Every 7 years you consist of complete other atoms. After 7 years you do not exist any more, but there's somebody Other than you. Nevertheless, it remains "I".

If you believe "Yes then I'm my memories" - also a person with absolute amnesia after an accident or a baby, which could still make cooking memories Nevertheless, "I", even if you do not know why.

"I" always remains constant, regardless of the atoms and the erinNews.

The only variable that remains constant with each organism is the space , in which everything happens.

So you're just a wave (and we know the sound waves have the medium of air).

What are you waiting for? What is the medium in which your wave "Puuuustenuuchen" happens?

The universe.

And exactly this comes awareness. It was found in any brain in the world ever a consciousness center.

Because consciousness does not arise in brains, but brains in consciousness !!

You are the medium in which this specific organismic form is corrugated.

What I want to say: every "I" who looks out of which living being always is thereSinge !! Here, this answer you just get from me, you are just writing yourself! That's all you.



The question is now only if that is normal. Does it stop it all that I do so crazy? Is it perhaps with everyone so that you have to do with a while? I want to live without stopping my head over something.

Everyone will have phases in which he thinks about all these topics, because death belongs (unfortunately) also to live.

I speak of a short condition, it should not be so that you have to think about it for months and thereby find no peace.

If you realize that you have developed anxiety and alone NICht more from this fear come, then you should definitely talk to a person in your environment.

But I know that this is not always so easy.

There are many offers in the network for children and adolescents, for example the number against grief, where you can talk about everything that charges you.

There is also the opportunity to address a trust teacher at school, if that does not work, there is also the option to turn to a counseling center for children and adolescents, the people who work there are professional and have a confidentiality.

You can also make an appointment there without the knowledge of your parents and talk about the topic because it is obviously burdened very much.

ThereYou could then see how to help you come from this thinking and these fears.

You could also contact a psychotherapist, but waiting times for a place there are quite long and I do not know how long you have these problems and how acute they are.


I also had such a phase but I've decided to enjoy my existence on this actually very beautiful groundclump as long as I can do it and me less worries what happens when my existence increases to the end;)


I am faithful and many things also deal with the purpose.

Think that if you can see life as a gift that you can enjoy it.


It is not unusual to ask this question. Not a few flee in various religions looking for answer. But these could only spread their faith.

Fear of death / life?