Why does not he get up?

2021-07-29 12:09:06 LUCAS

If I and a friend move us after bathing in the pool, he always sees my excited penis.

He is 16)

But he never gets a because he never had anything with topic penis.

Now I ask myself how it is to get out of puberty And wants to know if you get a heavier an excited penis.


Hello Ramonmoped!

In puberty erections are actually more common and significantly uncontrolled than later. There is also different optical and physical stimuli from man to man lead to an erection and also the fundamental excitability is different

I wish you a nice day


Why Should he be excited when he is in the pool with you? He's probably hetero.


Do not you want to seduce him or something else?

Stress can be a real killer and if you are still young is not exactly the best combo

Why does not he get up?