What happened?

2021-07-29 12:10:06 CANDICE


This question is mega uncomfortable, so please do not make fun of me ...

was outside today with a girlfriend outside and suddenly mega was dizzy. When I opened my eyes again, I lay on the ground and could not remember anything. My girlfriend meant that I was very strongly ramped and it's other things passed by Mega during it.

I wanted to ask anonymous here if anyone knows what that was, since I'm really unbelievable. Do not want to go to the doctor, because I do not know if that's completely normal and I just blam myself.

I would be really incredible about answers, LG Lilly


Of course you go to the doctor. Tomorrow! This must be clearly clarified.

Embarrassing you do not have to do that, you did not do that with intention.


Honestly and without evil will - what for A question ...

You fall on the floor, knows nothing. Your girlfriend tells you in detail what she saw. A doctor should not investigate yourself, but we should now play "Rate with Rosenthal" here?

What helps you if we guess and advise now? Nothing.

As someone can be embarrassed to go to the doctor, because you want to clarify something, I also have a complete puzzle.

Go to the doctor who helps and is Neither embarrassing, nor blamable. Thatis their job ...


Normal is not certainly not.

Please go to the doctor and describe your situation if you love your health.


It is not normal just because of nothing to spin, go to the doctor Best.

Oh yes do not need to be ashamed.


It is not normal and a diagnosis can not give anywhere here.

Go to the doctor before it gets worse.

What happened?