Lactose inlerant only with period?

2021-07-29 12:10:43 ALEX


Maybe the question sounds funny.

Outside of my period, I can bake cheese in oven cheese to bake it with cheese and drink a glass of milk while eating and everything is okay. During my period, I can not even eat a piece of pizza with cheese without I get the diarrhea of ​​my life and is bad (first happened today).

I know it's related to the period I yes, if I do not have, absolutely no problems with milk or dairy products. I only have problems during my period.

Is that due to lactose?

Can I be temporary "lactose inlerant" during my period?

or are the only "general digestive problems" that draws a period?


Of course I'm not sure, of course, I can finally talk about my own experience, but in fact not too little women (Including me) problems with diarrhea during the period. Even nausea, according to my research, can be caused by the period. Whether all the symptoms you have, can be caused by the consumption of lactose-containing dishes and foods, but I really do not know. But I could imagine somehow that there is something on your theory!

In your place, the next opportunity would ask someone with more knowledge: Doctor / Gynecologist But I think if you take yourself with yours Assumption of a pharmacist, you can already know youIterhelfen!

I wish you a good improvement from the heart


Lactose inlerant only with period?