If love is replied, do I lose feelings?

2021-07-29 12:11:42 ADRIENNE

Every time I love a person and you also want some of me I lose my feelings as soon as I realize how you say it what can be that lying and how can I work hard to lead a relationship without which I lose directly feelings?


The choice of these persons questioning and see if the really "infatuation" is from your side.

Know that of some friend: Inside - many then have at some point as lesbian Goutet.


not actually, no. Maybe you'll find it attracting it if you like a person and you are not interested. There is something like that. But it's not love, because it fell in love with. You can not re-comply when the person loves you love you back. Does not make sense ...



That's the same with me.

I never know what that is, with me I think I think But that I'm still not ready for a relationship


MaybeIf you like to look at people and if you are at eye level, you do not like it.

If love is replied, do I lose feelings?