Should one often meet / write?

2021-07-29 12:11:53 DEBBIE

Should one meet in a new friendship often and often write together? As good as possible ?

I've got to know a recent time, in itself it's really good between us. But we will only meet all 2 -3 weeks due to their isolation, 1x Di3 week for a few hours.

Writing we do not currently do regularly.

Always when we meet, the flame is very big but if then so a break is between us, the whole thing goes back, and I'm in the "no buck" setting. That has already become a Trefelskreis.

I would want that the fire is always on flames and does not go out, one thing understood what I mean. , I do not know how to deal with it ??

What do you mean?

Are youeven so?


I think you should first write a lot to build trust and then meet, if you know a little bit,

Should one often meet / write?